Welcome To Our Studio!

Our NEW STUDENT SPECIAL is a great way to try out as many classes as you like for a two-week period. Our class size is limited to 18, so be sure to REGISTER ONLINE  to avoid being turned away! We also offer new students a 15% discount on the purchase of yoga mats, micro-fiber mat towels, blocks and straps within their first two weeks at the studio! 

Give yourself plenty of time to get here -- please arrive 30 minutes before your first yoga class and 15 minutes before your first kettlebell class to allow time for orientation, filling out your waiver and getting set up.

To Bring and Not To Bring: 
  • Don't come to class if you are sick!
  • Please come to class free of any scents.
  • Come well hydrated and please bring a water bottle.
  • Come on an empty stomach -- if possible don't eat 1-2 hours before class.
  • We'll provide a yoga mat & towel for your first visit and we'll set them up for you in the classroom so you won't have to worry about finding a spot!
  • Remember to bring your Groupon Voucher, Gift Card, WGTE member card etc. if you're using one!
  • Leave valuables in your car. No cell phones in the yoga room!
  • We'll give you a brief introduction to YogAlign® or Kettlebells, including how to avoid getting injured!
  • You'll fill-out and sign our waiver before entering the classroom.
  • Be sure to tell us at that time if you have any current injuries.
During Class, Safety Is The #1 Priority:
  • Pace yourself. Modify the yoga postures or kettlebell exercises to your ability - if you're not sure how to do that, ask the teacher. We all start and finish at the same time together.
  • Make sure to drink water during class! If you get dizzy or light-headed, lie down on your back until your body recovers. If you get nauseous, tell the teacher!
  • Yoga Students: WE MAINTAIN QUIET IN THE CLASSROOM DURING YOGA. If you have questions after entering the classroom please ask the teacher, not other students.
  • Kettlebell Students: While we don't maintain quite, we do ask that you not talk to other students while the teacher is giving you instructions.
  • If you need to use the restroom during class, just leave and re-enter quietly.
  • At the end of yoga class there will be a relaxation period, which is a time for your practice to integrate. Please no talking during final relaxation -- allow fellow students to relax in silence.
After Class:
  • Help yourself to water and electrolyte replacement in the lobby.
  • Feel free to hang out and talk to your new friends or the teacher!
I look forward to meeting you!

Joe Sparks, Owner

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