Surpass all your running goals by learning the best running method on the planet -- 
The POSE Method of Running.

Run with Joe: POSE Method Running Coaching & Group Clinics

Run with greater ease; Reduce joint stress and prevent injury; Run faster with less energy -- I'll teach you how!
  • Always wanted to try running but weren't sure how to get started?
  • Want to run a 5k or marathon? Have your first race not be your last race! 
  • Want to best your PR? Increase efficiency and speed while avoiding injury!
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3 Hr Running Coaching Session
Private $195; Semi-Private $150 per person. 
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Coaching Session Includes:
  • An introduction to the POSE running technique.
  • Video analysis of your running style with personal technique assessment.
  • Fun effective running drills and innovative exercises to increase flexibility, coordination, strength and stability.
  • The do's & don't of hill running.
  • A 40 page instruction and training manual.
  • An EZ Run Belt ($69.95 value), invented by Joe Sparks -- an effective fitness tool for developing your skill as a runner.
  • 30 Minute Follow-Up to fine tune (must be used 4-8 weeks after initial session; includes a second video analysis).
Appropriate for all runners: Women, Men, Youth, Beginner, Long-Distance, Trail, Sports, Jogging, Marathon, Triathlon, Sprinting...

What is POSE Method Running?

A Better Way To Run! An efficient, injury - free running style taught through a specific running pose.

Benefits of POSE Method Running:
  • Greater Ease and More Enjoyment
  • Reduce Joint Stress & Prevent Injury through decreasing the shock of landing that travels through the system.
  • Run Faster with Less Energy by working with gravity instead of against it.
Developed in the late '70's by Dr. Nicholas Romanov, four-time Olympic coach and sports scientist, it is the first complete system for learning proper running form and is the only running technique scientifically proven to reduce impact on the knees by 50%. It is now used all over the world by athletes of all levels and non-athletes of all ages, the POSE Method of Running dramatically improves your running performance!
The POSE running method accepts gravity as the primary source of movement instead of muscular energy.
 It consists of three elements: Pose -- Fall -- Pull, while staying in the running pose. 
This creates forward movement with the least cost (energy use) and the least effort.
end result is faster race times, freer running and no more injuries!

The EZ Run Belt

Invented by Joe Sparks, the EZ Run Belt is a simple lightweight training belt to be worn during your runs or drill work that aids you in 'self correcting' your running gait into a more efficient, high turnover, and injury resistant running style.

Over striding makes your gait significantly less efficient and is the #1 cause of most running injuries. The EZ Run Belt is designed to correct this! Every time you try to stick your leg in front of your body, the tension on the tubing increases, causing you to pull your leg up under your body.

With continued use, it’ll feel more comfortable to pull your leg up than it is to stretch your leg out in front of your body without the belt. Soon your muscle memory will have you running in the POSE Running style.
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